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2010 GCP Project Features  

Access to a Major Australian Industry

Investors have largely been unable to directly invest in the Australian grain industry due to the capital requirements and a lack of opportunity. The Project will provide investors with direct access to one of Australia’s most established industries.

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Diversified Crops and Locations

Each season the Project will provide investors with a diversification of crops (i.e. wheat, barley and canola) and a diversification of growing regions and farmers.

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No Increase in Supply or Market Distortions

The Australian Grain-belt is restricted to rainfall zones and as such the majority of available land to produce grain is currently being utilised. The Project will only grow wheat, barley and canola on established properties and is not expected to grow any more grain than is already currently grown.

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Non-irrigated Production

The majority of wheat, barley and canola crops in Australia are grown on non-irrigated land. It is expected that nearly all of the crops in the Project will also be grown on non-irrigated land and as such will not have any reliance on water allocations or access to water entitlements.

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Short Term Investment Timeframe

The Project is different to almost every other agribusiness investment opportunity in that it aims to provide investors with an annual return commencing Year 1, whilst their investment period is for three seasons only.

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Domestic & Export Markets

Mature and established domestic and international markets exist within the grain industry in order to sell wheat, barley and canola giving investors a degree of certainty in regards to sale and payment for their produce.

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Tax Deductibility

An application has been submitted to the Australian Taxation Office for a Product Ruling for the Project. The ruling is expected to confirm that all fees incurred by Growers, including the initial investment, will be 100% deductible in the year in which they are incurred.

IMPORTANT: Macro intends to release the 2010 Grain Co-Production Project (Project) in March 2010. No offer for investment in the Project is being made under this publication. The Project has been registered with ASIC and the ARSN is 132 571 245. A product disclosure statement (PDS) for the Project will be made available when the Project is released. The PDS will be available on Macro’s website www.macrofunds.com.au or from Macro directly at the address located under the Contact Us page. The information contained in this website is a summary only, is general in nature and does not take into account any particular individual’s financial situation, objectives or needs. Prior to acquiring an interest in the Project, prospective investors should seek independent financial and legal advice and should consider the PDS in deciding whether an investment in the Project is appropriate for their needs. Applications will only be able to be made on an application form attached to the PDS for the Project once released. Macro anticipates the Australian Tax Office (ATO) will provide a product ruling for the Project (Product Ruling). If issued the Product Ruling will not expressly or impliedly be a guarantee or endorsement of the commercial viability or investment soundness of the Project nor of the reasonableness or commerciality of fees to be charged. The Product Ruling will only be binding on the ATO if the Project is implemented in the specific manner provided in the Product Ruling.

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Independent Research

An independent research report by Australia's leading agricultural research company, Adviser Edge, has rated the 2010 Project 4 stars (out of 5). Once available copies of the report will be available under the Project Downloads page or by contacting Macro or AACL.

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