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What is Grain Co-Production  

What is Grain Co-Production?

Grain Co-Production (GCP) is an innovative investment opportunity that enables investors to participate directly in the wheat, barley and canola industry - one of Australia's largest and most established industries. By investing in investment units or "CPUs", investors will become a wheat, barley and canola producer.

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How Does The Project Work?

GCP is effectively an extension to the principals of share-farming. A professional grain farmer or "Contract Farmer" provides the land, equipment, materials and expertise and the investor provides the capital to produce a wheat, barley and/or canola crop. The Contract Farmer plants, manages and harvests the crop whilst the investor owns the growing crop and harvested grain and takes on the full risks associated with the production and sale of the grain.

The Contract Farmers have a significant share in the upside returns with the investors each season and are therefore highly motivated to perform. The 2010 Project will operate across a number of locations and across various productions zones. Each investor’s investment units (CPU’s) are spread across those various locations and the produce from each location is pooled each season to minimise the risks.

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Project Returns

This innovative product offers attractive annual returns over the life of the Project. The term of the investment is for three seasons with each season commencing with planting (normally between May and June) and ending with harvest (normally between November and January) of each year.

Investors will plant three annual crops and will receive a return on their investment each year as the wheat, barley and canola is sold.

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Marketing and Sale of the Wheat, Barley and Canola

Wheat, barley and canola are one of the most established and traded commodities in Australia and the world. There are a number of established marketing options available in order to sell the grain in the 2010 Project to both domestic and international buyers.

Each season Macro will select, in conjunction with its advisers, from the various sales options available with a view to protecting the underlying price and maximising the overall investor returns.

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How to Apply

An investment in the 2010 Project can only be made on the Application Form that accompanies the 2010 PDS.

The 2010 PDS will soon be available. You can download the PDS, order a copy by filling out the information request form or you can contact Macro or AACL directly.

It is recommended that all potential investors consult a licensed professional adviser before making a decision to invest in the 2010 Grain Co-Production Project.

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